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Two Wheels Only Motorcycles

No. 34C, Street 376
Phnom Penh
Kingdom of Cambodia

+855 (0)12 200513


Repairs & Servicing

Two Wheels Only Motorcycles is run to western standards.



We offer quality Service and Repairs at reasonable prices.



We use only quality parts, OEM or better.



We also have a varied range of Parts & Accessories and can order most parts on request. 



Quality Tools and Training updated reguarly.



Our mechanics are trained to western standards and are familiar with many different kinds of motorcycles.



Precise Tuning to get the best out of your bike.



Fully kitted worshop



Performance Accesories to make that trip, that bit more !



Keeping you going through any terrain!






800-2000km or 3 monthly (for Cambodia)




  • Air cleaner, inspect, clean/replace
  • Oil filter, clean/replace
  • Engine oil, replace
  • Check Tyre pressures/condition
  • Check spokes and wheel condition
  • Battery, check voltage, top-up and charge if needed
  • Spark plug, inspect/gap/replace
  • Carburetor, inspect, adjust
  • Check Steering bearings for play
  •  Check Drive chain, inspect, adjust, Lube
  •  Throttle valve operation and cable, inspect, Lube
  •  Engine & Frame nuts & bolts, inspection/tighten
  •  Front and rear suspension, test inspection
  •  Valve clearances,inspect, adjust/shim
  •  Main/side stand, inspect & Lube
  •  Clutch free play, inspection, adjust
  •  Lubricate all wear-load surfaces
  •  Check wheel bearings for play or rough operation
  •  Check swing-arm and rear suspension linkage bearings
  •  Change transmission oil
  •  Clean & Lube clutch/brake cables
  •  Bleed brakes and check pads and operation of calipers
  •  Check coolant levels and top-up
  •  Check condition of radiator, cap, fan & hoses
  •  Electrical switches and wiring, check operation/condition
  • Check engine seals and breathers






5000-9000km or Annually (for Cambodia)




  • Includes everything on the Basic Service
  • Remove steering bearings, inspect, clean , grease or replace
  • Remove swing-arm bearings,  inspect, clean , grease or replace
  • Remove rear suspension linkage bearings, inspect, clean , grease or replace
  • Inspect fork oil levels, top up or replace
  • Replace front and rear brake fluid
  • Remove speedo drive unit, inspect, clean , grease or replace
  • Grease front and rear brake caliper slide pins


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